We are a boutique advisory firm led by experts in the fields of commercial real estate, rural developments, mining and minerals, and oil and gas. Our team of experts has over 10 years’ experience in the following areas:

  • Company Registration
  • Research and Development
  • Market Intelligence
  • New Product Development
  • Innovation Development
  • Business Coaching and Mentorship
  • Business Rescue
  • Turnaround Strategies
  • Project Proposals
  • Technical Reports
  • Concept Development Proposals
  • Investor Management
  • RFPs (Request For Proposal)
  • Bid Proposals, Negotiating & Contracting
  • Corporate finance
  • ICT consultants
  • Investment Advisory
  • License and Permit Acquisition
  • Private Public Partnership Proposals
  • Feasibility Study Development
  • Due Diligence
  • Corporate Proposals Expression of Interest Proposal
  • Policy Drafting and Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Transaction Advisors
  • Business Planning
  • Business Plan Writing


  • JS & Associates – Audit and Tax
  • Segbedzi & Associates- Management Consulting Firm
  • Villawood Company Limited-Investment Advisory Firm


M&C Logistics & Trading Asia represent reputable institutions overseas that specialize in finance, project funding and providing creative short-term transactional financing for importers and exporters. We offer tailor-made finance solutions to multinational clients looking to raise financial instruments through various international markets.

Our partners provide 100% funding of cost, and also covers an operational management process which ensures that the goods are of exceptional quality, are insured, shipped on time, and the end buyer pays in a timely fashion to guarantee the success of each transaction.

We also perform the negotiations with the lenders on behalf of our clients, ensuring that they get the best finance rates with favorable payment terms.



Our deal-structuring specialists hand hold our clients through competitive financing options for their various projects. We have long standing relationships with international and South African based Development Funding Institutions (DFIs), Property Funds, Venture Capital and Private Investors.

Industry focus:

  • Commercial developments e.g. shopping centers, residential housing, office parks, mixed use developments
  • Hospitality
  • Agri-Produce and Processing
  • Mining
  • Logistics – shipping, air craft, and railways

M&C Group Logistics & Trading, Ltd. the parent company, has recently been appointed as the mandate for Cinmark Twenty Six (PTY) Ltd. Cinmark is an entity specializing in supplying high technology finance, working across borders and cultures to ensure global partnerships and providing consultancy services to both, public, government and private sector clients in the various sectors.

Our diversity of experience and expertise along with theirs will serve as a tremendous advantage to our clients, with the understanding that every project or product is unique. Together M&C Group, Ltd. and all its divisions and Cinmark Twenty-six strive to identify the most effective solution to every challenge. Irrespective of the type of challenge we are facing with a project or product, we will work closely with our clients to develop the path to success.

All our project management and planning systems have been developed for a “TURN KEY” supply of project development and finance.

We are confident that M&C Group Asia is the right company to manage your project or product purchase.


In addition to being incorporated under M&C Group Logistics & Trading in Ghana, we also have a network of international commodity suppliers that we coordinate through our multinational offices, facilitating the purchase of products for both retailers and consumers.

At M&C Group Logistics & Trading Asia, we have the capacity to import products and offer flexibility in regard to the terms and conditions of payment.  We deal with bank to bank transactions with our clients for transparency and efficacy.


List of commodities:


M&C Logistics & Trading, Ltd. is licensed to deal in the sale and purchase of gold including mining concessions and partnerships in mining. We are able to purchase and facilitate the export of gold for our clients all over the world. Since we work closely with the refiners and assay companies that are engaged to perform due diligence on our client’s behalf, we are able to guarantee the quality and purity of the minerals.

Cashew nuts

We are able to supply high quality cashew nuts from Ghana that are rich in fibre and heart-healthy fats.


Millet also serves as a healthy source of essential fats and is high in nutrients such as vitamin B and iron.


We import and export a large variety of rice products from all over the world and re-bag them to suit the market (25kg & 50kg) We are able to supply long grain white rice, brown rice, 5% and 25% broken white rice etc.

Edible Oil

We supply both refined and crude vegetable oils including palm, soya, sunflower and corn oils. We have the ability to provide product in bulk as well as in flexi tanks. Food service and retail sizes of refined oils are also available. E.g. Olive, Palm, Coconut, Soya beans, Corn Oils etc.

Cocoa Butter

Used in improving skin health and boosting the immune system, cocoa butter is one of the products that M&C Logistics & Trading Asia supplies.


Being one of Ghana’s main cash crop exports, cocoa is easily one of the products M&C Logistics & Trading Asia imports and exports because our mother company is located in the heart of Ghana’s capital, Accra.



M&C Group Logistics and Trading Asia is legally licensed through its parent company in Accra Ghana to undertake, among other services, the purchase and sale of precious minerals especially gold and diamonds. The Company also has its own Mining Concessions that are available for partnerships or joint ventures. We also offer third party mining concessions for sale and for partnership as well.

We offer services such as buying, selling and exporting of gold as well as gold delivery services. By virtue of the location of our mother company, we are able to access high quality minerals with guaranteed purity levels inasmuch as Ghana is one of the world’s leading gold producers.

M&C Group Logistics and Trading, Ltd. has the permit to operate as a commercial exporter of gold and is able to purchase minerals from licensed small scale mines and facilitate the export of gold for our clients all over the world.

We export our minerals through refiners and assay companies that undertake all due diligence, including evaluating the purity levels as well as accurate weight of the quantities for export.

Hence, our clients are provided guarantees that they will receive their orders and the elimination of cases of non-shipment.

M&C Logistics & Trading has, since their inception as a company, been buying and selling gold directly from miners in Ghana for profit. In order to satisfy the needs and desires of clients who don’t want the physical gold but only want to make profit on buying and selling of gold, without having to physically be in Ghana to do things like visiting mine sites, negotiating, going through the process of acquiring licenses, etc. M&C Logistics and Trading has recently introduced the NEW GOLD ROLL PROGRAM.